Current Promotion

(Holidays not included)

Monday Dinner

Purchase two adult hibachi meals and get one sushi roll at 1/2 price or third adult hibachi meal with $5 off

Tuseday Dinner

(Dine-in only)

Sushi all you can eat $22.95

Wednesday Dinner

(Dine-in only)

Three for $30

Two adult meals plus one kids meal for just $30


Purchase two adult hibachi meals and get one kids meal for only $1.99

Choice of chicken/ steak/ shrimp; choice of 2 (Popcorn chicken, French Fries, Grilled cheese, Fruit)

Thursday All Day

$1 sushi all day

Sushi (with rice) sashimi (without rice), shrimp, crabstick, sweet egg, salmon, tuna, white tuna, red snapper, mackerel, octopus, smoked salmon, squid, squid, surf clam, spicy salmon, spicy tuna 1/2 Off Sushi Rolls

* Dynamite Roll (Crispy deep fried)

* Rainbow Roll

* Mexican Sunshine Roll

* Fantastic Roll

* California Roll

* Fujiyama Roll

* Ichiban Roll

* Rock & Roll

Friday night and Saturday night

(Dine-in only)

1/2 off appetizers.

Sunday Dinner (3pm-Close)

(Dinner -in only)

Durchase two adult meals and get one appetizer for free.